Gofore as an investment

We are changing the world by digital means

In our rapidly-developing world, companies must meet their customers’ needs by investing in digital services and service design. Gofore has made active efforts to seize the changing markets and expand its service offering to meet the emerging needs.

Adapting to the changing operating environment and taking advantage of new opportunities in the best possible way requires sweeping cultural changes – organisational structures, management and work practices must be restructured alongside service development.

We will help our customers navigate the changes and create the foundation for continuous development in all phases of digitalisation.

Why invest in Gofore?

  • We are one of the fastest-growing operators in our field, and we strive for high sustained profitability
  • We minimise risks through predictable business activities
  • We offer expert services and top-tier competence for the transition to digitalisation
  • Market disruption is accelerating the growth in our target market – we aim to actively seize changing markets
  • The best workplace in Finland and the second best workplace in Europe in 2017
  • Solid foundation for internationalisation
  • We seek to combine strong growth with an owner-friendly dividend policy.