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Gofore has started its operations in 2002, and is a specialist in management consulting, service design and coding. Gofore has grown strongly and aims for future growth.


Technology radically transforms people’s way of living, working, making decisions and acting. At Gofore, we make it possible to utilise new technologies quickly. We will build a more functional future.


We strive to create value everywhere around us. We work with people, communities and organisations. Our operations are guided by our strong values: we are a good workplace for everyone and we thrive on our customers’ success.

Keeping pace with development requires speed, renewal and competitiveness. We have accumulated strong evidence of this over the last 20 years. On these pages you will find more information on why to invest in Gofore.

Why invest in Gofore?

  • We are a constantly developing company for the future: We have been growing steadily and profitably for over ten years. In 2018, our net sales increased by 49% on the previous year.
  • We are a value-based and responsible company: We are actively involved in solving major societal challenges. Check out our latest case studies
  • We are completely transparent and innovate in an exceptional way. For example, we publish our latest business figures every month. We believe that investors should have a real-time view of the company’s development. In the current era of digitalisation, this is possible.
  • We are working in a field that is constantly growing. Our modern corporate culture, low organisational structure and innovative management model give us the ability and readiness to actively engage in market changes.
  • We seek internationalisation. We have a growth platform ready for internationalisation. We operate in five countries with nine offices.
  • We strive for a stable dividend payment: our goal is to pay at least 40% of net profit annually in dividends.
  • We strive to reduce the risk with predictable business. We invest in continuous and multi-annual projects.