Executive Team

The Board of Directors elects the company’s CEO. The CEO manages and develops the company’s business operations and is in charge of its operative management in accordance with the instructions issued by the Board. The CEO reports to the Board. The CEO manages the company’s current executive matters in accordance with the Board’s instructions and is responsible for ensuring that the company’s accounts adhere to the law and that financial management is reliable.

Executive team assists the CEO in developing and administering operations. The Board of Directors nominates the executive team.

Mikael Nylund

CEO, Stud. of tech., born 1975

Mikael has worked as a Director, Mergers & Acquisitions since 2019 and Director of Digital Transformation Advisory since 2016 at Gofore. He has also held the positions of Business Director of the experts services of the company’s IT management (2012–2015) and Senior Consultant (2010–2011). Previously, Mikael has worked as Technology Director at Enfo (2005–2010), Technology Manager at Capnova (2001–2005) and as an entrepreneur (1998–2001). He has also been a board member of Capnova since 2008.

Petteri Venola

CFO, M.Sc. (BA), born 1973

Petteri is one of the founding shareholders of Gofore. The company’s Chief Financial Officer since 2012. Previous positions as Gofore’s Director of Development (2010-2012) and CEO (2002–2010). Before, Petteri worked as the director of TJ Group’s Tampere office (2001–2002), Project Manager of TJ Group’s subsidiary Tietovalta. (1999–2001) and in research roles and as a team manager in the research institute of information technology at the University of Jyväskylä (1997–1999).

Juha Virtanen

Director, sales and customer value, M.Sc (Econ., BA), born 1977

Juha has worked as Gofore’s Sales Director since 2016 and in many expert roles since 2007, including Gofore’s Director of Software Development (2012–2015) and Director of Sales and Marketing (2007–2011). Previously, Juha worked as Sales and Marketing Director of DiCode (2005–2007) and as Business Developer of ProApac Co. (2004–2005). Positions of trust: Chair of JV-Rakennus’s Board of Directors since 2016.

Petra Sievinen

Director, Marketing and Communications, BBA, born 1969

Petra works as a Director, Marketing and Communications. Previously, Petra worked as communications strategist at Gofore. Prior to joining Gofore, she worked as External Communications Leader at IBM Finland. She has also worked as Marketing Director at Descom Oy.

Terhi Vesanen

chief growth officer, m.sc (tech.), born 1960

Terhi works as a Chief Growth Director. Previously, Terhi has worked as senior service architect, responsible for project and program management services at Gofore. Prior to joining Gofore in 2015, Terhi served as partner and consultant at Hss Consulting Oy, VP/Global PMO at Symbio Ltd., in several product development management positions at Nokia Corporation and as senior research engineer at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd. She has also worked as a software designer at Hollming Oy and Kone Oy.

Ville Tuominen

Director, International Operations, MBA, born 1975

Ville has worked as Director of Gofore’s International Operations since 2017. In addition to this, he has worked as Commercial Director of the Leadin Group and has held other management positions since 2014. Previously, Ville has worked for Symbio as Business Director of the global mobile sector (2011–2014), for Flander Software as Director of software development and quality assurance (2008–2010), and for Nokia Corporation in management roles of product development (2003–2007) and in several expert positions of software development (1999–2003).

Kristiina Härkönen

chief sustainability officer, M.Sc. (Tech.), born 1975

Kristiina works as Gofore’s Chief Sustainability Officer. Kristiina has worked as Director of Gofore’s Cloud Services division since 2017 and in many expert roles since 2003, including Gofore’s Head of the Healthcare and Regional Administration division (2016–2017), Leading Consultant (2015–2016), Service Architect (2012–2014), Technical Project Manager (2009–2012) and Software Developer (2003–2009). Previously, Kristiina has worked as Software Engineer at TJ Group (2000–2003).

Aki Koikkalainen

site lead, helsinki, member of the executive management team, M.Sc. (Tech.), born 1982

Aki has been working as Site Lead in Helsinki since January 2019. Previously, Aki served as Managing Director of Solinor Oy before the company merged into the Gofore Group in January 2019. Prior to Solinor, Aki has worked as Chief Operational Director at Effmag Oy and at Biozone Scientific International Oy.