Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is in charge of the company’s management and of organising the operations as appropriate. The Board validates the principles concerning the company’s strategy, organisation, accounting and financial control and appoints the company’s CEO. The Board has confirmed the written agenda for its work, which determines the matters that should be handled by the board. The CEO is responsible for executing the company’s strategy and managing current matters in accordance with the instructions and regulations issued by the Board.

According to the company’s articles of association, the Board of Directors has at least three actual members, with seven being the maximum. The annual general meeting will make the decision concerning the board members and their number. The Board will elect a chair from among its members during its term of office. The term of office of the board members will end at the end of the annual general meeting that comes first after the election.

In addition, the Board of Directors has established a Nomination Committee and a Remuneration Committee to assist the Board of Directors in the preparation and management of its duties and responsibilities. The Nomination Committee consists of the members of the largest shareholders and the Board of Directors. The members of both committees are elected annually..

Ali Saadetdin

Chair of the Board of Directors, Engineer, born in 1949

The Chair of Gofore’s Board of Directors since 2006 and the Chair of Ramentor Ltd’s Board of Directors since 2007. Previous positions of trusts: the Chair of Sportit Finland Ltd’s Board of Directors (2001–2016), founder and Chair of Solteq Ltd’s Board of Directors (1982–2015), and the Chair of Artekus Ltd’s Board of Directors (2002–2006).

Anne-Mari Silvast

Board member, Master of Science (Technology), born in 1980

Gofore’s board member since 2017 and the company’s Technical Project Manager since 2015. Previous positions: Project Manager at the University of Helsinki (2010–2015) and Oy Samlink Ab (2008–2010) and Services Engineer at Ericsson LM Oy Ab (2005–2008).

Sami Somero

Board member, Master of Arts, born in 1975

Gofore’s board member since 2014. Private investor and board member in several growth companies. CEO of Nurmiranta Holdings Ltd since 2002 and CEO of Central Office Finland Ltd since 2011. Previous positions: Business Director at Cybercom Finland Ltd. (2008–2010), business management roles at Almare and Plenware Groups (1999–2008), development assignments of online services at Infosto Group Ltd and the University of Tampere’s Hypermedia Laboratory (1997–1998).

Positions of trust: Chair of Nurmiranta Holdings Ltd’s Board of Directors since 2002 and the Chair of Tamturbo Ltd’s Board of Directors since 2011. Additionally, a board member at VividWorks Ltd, Anders Innovations Ltd, Central Office Finland Ltd, Taipuva Consulting Ltd since 2011, at 7bros Ltd since 2014, at Ltd since 2015 and at Shoop Commerce Ltd since 2016.

Previous positions of trust: board member of Leadin Ltd’s Board of Directors (2015–2017) and several company boards of the Almare and Plenware Groups (1999–2008).

Petteri Venola

Chief Financial Officer and board member, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration), born in 1973

Petteri is one of the founding shareholders of Gofore. Gofore’s board member since 2002 and the company’s Chief Financial Officer since 2012. Previous positions as Gofore’s Director of Development (2010-2012) and CEO (2002–2010). Before, Petteri worked as the director of TJ Group Ltd’s Tampere office (2001–2002), Project Manager of TJ Group Ltd’s subsidiary Tietovalta Ltd. (1999–2001) and in research roles and as a team manager in the research institute of information technology at the University of Jyväskylä (1997–1999).